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A Letter Sent to Premier Ford of Our Volunteer Efforts

Dear Hon. Ford, Thank you for uniting the community to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw you sent out a letter to ask for the information of those organizations that have made contributions and support to the community during the outbreak. After consulting with our members, we would like to share the work of our “Good Neighbor Chinese Sewing Volunteer Group” with you. In Feb 2020 at a time when there were only sporadic cases of COVID-19 in Canada, a few friends of us started a Good Neighbour Support Group with GTA Chinese community volunteers to support traveler's self-isolation with volunteers, provide daily literature/medical news broadcast inside and outside our group with Dr. Stan Zheng, a family physician, and support those who were confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 to stay at home. Good Neighbour Chinese Sewing Volunteer Group, as a sub-group of the “Good Neigbour Support Group”, was initially formed on April 10 in response to the request from a few fron